What do you want?

Are you looking for a fun way to…

  • release the stress of daily life?
  • reach a calmer and more balanced attitude in life?
  • catch a breath and find new focus in the middle of working or studying?
  • bring your body back to rest after intensive physical training?

All good reasons to try out Senshin Do!


What is Senshin Do?sdnotetoselfbreath

Senshin Do is a new relaxation program developed in Finland. It consists a set of four easy and light physical exercises, followed by a guided relaxation. No more, just that simple!

The same exercises are repeated in every training. No need to try and remember complex exercises, no need to constantly watch the trainer closely to find out what to do next. This recurring pattern helps to quiet the mind and put focus on physical relaxation.

Music is an important part of the training. All exercises are guided by matching music. The rhythm helps guiding the relaxation process and makes it easier to focus on your own body.

The first two exercises are activating: they intend to wake up the body and release the stress that´s closest to the surface. The next two exercises are calmer and intended to shift the focus to inner strength. In the last exercise only minimal movements are made to release the remaining stress and reach complete physical relaxation.


Flexibel program to meet everybodies needs!

Basically, the physical exercises are done standing. For the full relaxation in the end, participants lie down on a mat. The full program takes about 45-60 minutes.

Adaptations can be easily made. The program can be tailored to meet the requirements of each group without loss of efficiency. For instance all the exercises can be performed sitting for persons with physical limitations. For bigger groups in a small room, the relaxation in the end can be done sitting instead of lying. Also the duration can be tailored. The full program can be shortened to 30 minutes while still performing all the exercises. Another option is to select only a couple of exercises to provide an ultra short version of 10-15 minutes. This version can be used during breaks in meetings, or to recharge batteries after lunch for instance.

How can you experience Senshin Do?

Many ways! If you don´t find here what you´re looking for, contact us and together we can find the right solution for your situation.

  • Come to one of the open weekly groups that are being organized SENSHIN DO TUNNIT
  • Check our website for try outs or events (homepage)
  • Suggest new places and times for open groups. Some try outs can be organized, if popular resulting in new weekly groups
  • Organize an event, tailored for your own needs.  Some examples:
    • invite a Senshin Do trainer to work meetings for short relaxation during the breaks. Or add a complete training in the end of the working day. See PALVELUT JA HINNASTO/ (only in Finnish, please ask for information in English from Jonas or Tineke, see below)
    • set up regular trainings during lunch break at your working place
    • add some relaxation session after the heavy workout in your sportsclub
  • Some people don´t like the idea of trying to relax in a group. Also private or small scale trainings (2-4 persons) are possible. As only little space is needed, this can for instance be organized at your home or club room.

cropped-1545788_589492497783757_811850968_n.jpegHow much does it cost?

The first time you come to try it out, you mostly get reduction. So nobody should doubt if it´s worth a try!

Open trainings cost about 10-15 euro per class. More detailed info in SENSHIN DO TUNNIT

For tailored events, specific price offers are made. See PALVELUT JA HINNASTO (only in Finnish, please ask for information in English from Jonas or Tineke, see below).

Also for private trainings price offers are made. In general you pay a fixed amount per class plus transportation costs and rent of location if needed.

Also in English!

Below you find the trainers who can guide groups in English.

Some organized classes are guided in English, you can always find them under ”TUNNIT”. For the moment the classes on Friday 7.30-8.30pm in Espoo in Helmi Joogahuone are in English.

All other classes organized by Tineke Kongs can be guided in English (in addition to Finnish) on request. So feel free to join any of her classes. But as there is not much talking needed in Senshin Do classes, one can quite easily follow a Finnish speaking class even with limited understanding of the language. A short explanation before starting the class can get you going!

Senshin Do classes in English

Tineke Kongs
TINEKE KONGS – After an introduction class from Jonas in 2012, I have been practicing Senshin Do regularly on my own with the DVD. The program has helped me greatly to bring my focus back to my own center and just be with both feet on the ground. I´m very happy and proud to be a Senshin Do trainer myself since spring 2015. My working area is the western part of the capital area: Espoo, Helsinki and Kirkkonummi. I give classes in Finnish and English, also in Dutch (my mother tongue) is possible. Phone number: 044 9595659 email:


HELE HALLA e-mail:


JONAS DUFVELIN – founder of the Senshin do program and instructor trainer. ”Senshin do has given me a lot during the past ten years. It helped me recover from my burn out. Senshin Do is nowadays a way to prevent me to train too hard and it helps me to be more balanced and in charge in stressful situations”. E-mail: